19 December, 2016

Men’s Ministry

The goal of the Men’s Ministry is to develop responsible men – men whose hearts are after God’s own heart and are willing to obey God in everything and at everywhere (Acts 13:22).

We are working together towards a blessed fellowship of men;

  • who have deep and personal relationship with Christ individually,
  • who demonstrate the worthiness of God in all things or worship God in spirit and in truth,
  • who are servant leaders and spiritual leaders at home, church, work and in their businesses and communities,
  • who are planted and united in fellowship and highly accountable to one another,
  • who are courageous and bold and yet humble enough to receive correction and repentance,
  • who walk victoriously in integrity and sexual purity in this crooked and perverse generation,
  • who live successful lives by their pursuit of and commitment to the vision and purpose of God,
  • who can rightly divide the word of God and able to preach, teach and conduct Bible study, prayer and meetings,
  • who are very loving, faithful, financially responsible and dutiful to their wives and/or children,
  • who are great fathers and/or mentors to their children and/or other young people,
  • who are able to organise and promote church events, such as evangelism, outreach, men’s conferences, etc.